Understanding Penile Enlargement

Men have so many problems to worry about-their job, their health, their sexual attractiveness, their wealth, and so on. Yet in spite of all of these, there is one concern that men really can’t get over with-the size of their penis, and the idea of having a larger and longer penis. The popular mantra proclaiming that penis size does not matter really just fails to work in men’s minds. Even if there’s a glaring assurance that they are really indeed in the average or above average range, they will still find a way to go back to the topic and unflinchingly say yes if given a chance to enhance their manhood, believing that enlargement tops in the ways to make girl orgasm.

The average penis size is said to be about five to seven inches, and given the strong culture believing that bigger-is-better, many studies have proven that men that are above average in organ size have relatively higher self-esteem. Women, on the other hand, have been proven to be likely contented with average penis sizes and do not consider as a part in bed problems. This is because the female genitals, especially the exterior portions including the vulva and the clitoris, are highly sensitive to touch and therefore can naturally obtain ways to make girl orgasm. Men who own extra large assets actually are the ones who have to worry because women may feel more pain and discomfort than pleasurable sensations during the sexual activity.

The main reason you are reading this is of course to be assured of this fact: yes, there are many penile enhancement solutions that can turn in visible results in terms of length and girth. If you belong in the average range though, don’t bother that much anymore. It’s better to spend time practicing and studying how to gain fully libido and make your woman happy than exerting efforts pumping out your manhood.

At the core of natural penile enhancement solutions are jelqing and penile pumps. Jelqing is a process of stroking the penis with your hand to make it longer, while penis pumps are jelqing-specific gadgets that you can use to replace your hand. These methods will improve the size of your erection because they will pump more blood to the shaft and the head and help maximizing fully libido. These however are not proven to add several inches in your manhood.

Another conventional solution for penis size enlargement is to take in male pills that promise to target the genitals and improve its size. These pills belong to the branch of alternative medicine so physicians generally don’t believe in seeing visible results from these pills. They however support the claims of erectile dysfunction drugs that are sure to solve in bed problems and give harder erections and therefore bigger penis size.

In conclusion, the most clinically accepted way to enlarge the penis size is to undergo a surgery called phalloplasty. This however is very expensive so you should save a significant amount of money and look for the best surgeon in order to obtain high satisfaction. Physicians only advise this surgery to men who really belong in the below average penis size range and are suffering from a clinical mental problem because of the situation.

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) or want to enhance the size of your penis, you can try one of the many penis pumps on the market for effective treatment. There is a range of options available when it comes to penis pumps. Gather as much awareness as you can about these devices, in order to make the most effective choice.

What are penis pumps?

As the name suggests, penis pumps are devices that bomba peniana Goiânia a pump mechanism to help you get an erection. A basic penis pump has components that include a hollow cylinder, a pump mechanism and a tube that connects the cylinder to the pump mechanism. There is a difference between penis pumps and vacuum pumps. The difference lies in the fact that vacuum pumps are clinically tested devices that are only available through a physician. The basic premise of both, vacuum pumps and penis pumps remains the same. A doctor might prescribe one over the other taking cognizance of your general condition.

Penis pumps – Working

The penis pump tube must be placed over your penis by holding it tightly against your body. It’s important that the tube is sealed tight; a thick water based lubricant will help you in this regard. After you have secured the pump, you need to create the vacuum. This could either be done manually or electronically. By drawing air out of the cylinder a vacuum is created, which helps draw blood into the penis. This results in an erection.

The efficacy of penile pumps

There is no doubt that the proper use of penis pumps will give you an erection. However, it’s important to know just what to expect from penile pumps and not believe tall claims. A penis pump is a device that can only help you experience an erection. If there is very little or no sexual stimulation, you might face difficulty in maintaining that erection. The erection can go away within a short time. There is little evidence to suggest that the prolonged use of a penile pump will increase the size of the penis. But, there is definitely evidence to suggest that the use of a penile pump coupled with the use of a cock ring or penis ring will definitely help delay ejaculation. This is one of the ways how premature ejaculation can be treated.

Can these pumps be used on someplace other than your penis?

Penile pumps are not configured for use on any other part of your body, but you can get creative with them. There are some people who use the pump on some of the sensitive parts of the body including nipples, clitoris, or some other erogenous zone. When you use the pump on some other part of your body, the principle remains the same. Its use will increase the blood flow to that particular region. The sensation changes drastically when the pump is removed. So, if you want to use these pumps somewhere other than your penis, you can use a bit of trial and error to experience the perfect sensation.

Penile pumps – The safety aspect

There are a range of pumps available in the market. You need to select a pump that is safe for use. As is the case with all devices, there are definitely some pumps that can be considered harmful for use. A pump that creates a strong vacuum but does not have an integrated release valve is a recipe for injury. To stay away from the harmful effects of these pumps, you need to keep in mind certain precautions. You shouldn’t use them if you have a tendency to bleed easily or have a blood clotting disorder. You must also avoid these pumps if you are using specific medications like anticoagulants.