Dining Table and Chairs – For Eating Or Meeting?

You really wanted to get out and get a new table and chairs before you had all the family over to dinner, but it didn’t happen. Now you’re looking at those chairs around the table and wondering how you are ever going to cover up the scratched dining tables and ripped, fraying and generally embarrassing chairs.Covering less than perfect dining tables is not too difficult. That’s why tablecloths were invented. Just toss a nice set of tablecloths over those less than perfect tables. Viola! They look just fine.The chairs are not as easy. Throwing a tablecloth over them just looks like you forgot to put away part of your laundry. You can either call in an emergency re-upholstering job, which likely will have the re-upholsterer treating you like you are crazy, or invest in slip-covers.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking of your mother’s slip-covers that were pretty darn tacky and obvious. While you may be able to find those on the market still, or at least in a thrift shop, the new lines of slip-covers are much more attractive than those baggy cloth covers from days of old.Slip-covers are actually quite a lot more affordable than doing a re-upholstery job, and can add a lot of color to your dining room.

You don’t even have to wait until your dining room furniture is getting out of shape to invest in slipcovers. By putting them on your perfectly healthy dining tables chairs you can protect your current upholstery from the abuse it may have to go through. What abuse, you say? Think of the holidays and all the kids who will be running through the house with residue of www.mydiningfurniture.com food and dirt on their hands. As they make a dash through the dining room, they rub their hands along your dining room chairs, because kids always have to touch everything they pass, and leave stains and smears upon that beautiful surface. If you had slipcovers on those chairs you would not be worried about it. After their parents take the grubby little rug rats home, you would just pop the slipcovers in the washing machine and appreciate how nice your dining room set looks while the covers spin and rinse clean. That’s much better than the other option of you on your hands and knees with a scrubber and upholstery cleaner trying to get the stains out before they set in.

Another trend in slipcovers is as an addition to the dinner theme you have set. If it’s a holiday theme, there are plenty of slipcovers that come in materials that go with the holiday colors, such as reds and greens for Christmas, and fall colors for Thanksgiving. You can even match them to the tablecloths that are protecting the dining tables.Whether your dining tables and chairs are already worn or you’re trying to prevent them from being worn down, there are a number of decorative protective covers to choose from to extend their lives.