Nutra Brite Teeth Whitening – Is it Right For You?

If you’re in the market for an at home teeth whitening solution then you may have heard of Nutra Brite. If not, Nutra Brite is a new company to enter the at home teeth whitening industry founded by Dr. Alan Creamer who has come up with an at home teeth whitening treatment that is comparable to an in office teeth whitening treatment. The benefit of an in office treatment when it come to teeth whitening is that you get immediate results. A dental teeth whitening can whiten your teeth up to 7 shades in one hour, however the cost of a good in office dental solution will normally run about $1,000 per visit. An at home teeth whitening from any leading major brand will whiten your teeth just as well as any in office treatment however instead of getting your 7 shades in one hour, usually you get your 7 shades in about 7 hours. Basically offsetting cost with time.

Nutra Brite is unique, as it is one of the only at home treatments that can actually whiten your teeth up to 5 shades in one hour using their new triple patented at home treatment method. To help Nutra Brite and Dr. Alan Creamer gain some name brand recognition they are currently offering a great deal on their new revolutionary teeth whitening system. Nutra Brite is currently offering

a 21 day free trial, and the only cost to you is shipping, to have the product delivered to your door step. Comparing Nutra Brite to a dental office visit, you will save hundreds, if not thousands on your teeth whitening solution. Compared to any leading name brand at home solution, you will save time and money, as Nutra Brite will whiten your teeth in one hour vs. several.

So what’s the catch? No catch really, but you do need to understand the fine print as nothing in life is free. Here is how the Nutra Brite system works, as Nutra Brite does not want any surprises. When you sign up for your 21 Day Free Trial you will pay less than $5 for shipping the product to your home address. The day you order you have 21 days to test and try the product. This amount of time should be plenty enough to receive the product and complete your initial treatment. Be sure to follow directions to ensure the best results. If you are satisfied that the products works and you want to have even whiter teeth, up to an additional 12 shades whiter, then simply do nothing as you will be automatically enrolled as a Nutra Brite member and shipped the complete patented Nutra-Pro Whitening System and be billed one low payment of $89.00 plus $4.95 S&H. Then you will be scheduled on the member only maintenance touch up program that will be shipped once every 60 days at a rate of $24.70 plus $4.95 s&h. You can change the frequency of these shipments (either faster or slower) based on your personal needs simply by calling customer service.

If you are not satisfied with the product and don’t believe that it works, or your simply happy with your 5 shades of whiter teeth then be sure to call and cancel your subscription right away. Do not allow the 21 days to expire. Remember you must cancel if you do not want to continue with the product, but like so many other satisfied customers I am sure you will want to continue and maintain those whiter brighter teeth.

Let me also fill you in with a little bit of a shocker. Many people think that teeth whitening is a onetime deal, but that’s a misconception and a little bit of some bad marketing in order to get you in the door. The real truth is that the average person needs 3 professional in office teeth whitening visits to have complete satisfactory results. At $1,000 a visit, that’s hardly a deal. Shocker #2 is that, even after your 3 professional in office dental visits, you still need an at home maintenance program which is usually offered to you as an “option” by the dentist. These professional at home upkeep treatments are not cheap either, as many of them cost over $200 per refill.

As a final pitch on Nutra Brite, you get 5 shades whiter for less than $5 just to give them a try. A dentist will never give that away for $5. You get the 5 shades whiter in about an hour. No other name brand at home solution can offer that. You get the full patented teeth whitening solution for under $100 which offers up to 12 additional shades whiter. An in office value of about $3,000. And you get a convenient home delivery maintenance program for under $15 a month to help you keep your teeth white and never lose color again. So go on, give them a try, and for $5 and 5 shades whiter, you really have nothing to lose

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